Our Services

Northern Timber Company provides the best service to your forest. Let me tell you how:

  1. Northern Timber Company is a boots-on-the-ground type of company. We are outside, walking through timber every day, consulting with landowners who want the best for their woods and future owners. You will have instant and unlimited access to hardwood prices, market information, and ecosystem-enhancing strategies customized for your woods. Call James now at (319)-560-9604.

  2. Northern Timber Company closes the gap between the landowner and their trees. Oftentimes, trees will be sold multiple times before being exported. However, we sell directly around the world. We cut out middle-men so we can provide the top dollar for landowners. Your trees, your money. Get a free estimate from Ned at (563)-379-5242.

  3. We continue to work with landowners long after they harvest by creating a detail-rich, timber management plan focused exclusively on garnering strong returns and healthy forest regeneration going forward. By following our 6 to 10-year management plan, landowners often see that their land appreciates in value, that hunting has gotten better, and that they received bigger checks for the same number of trees. Get a free timber management plan from Caleb at (563)-379-0828.